February 07, 2015 · Uncategorized

Gizem Berk’s second solo album, ‘Elimi Bırakma’ is just released by ADA Music on February 2015. It is also available on itunes for download worldwide. On this album, there is 1 English song and 11 Turkish songs which were all written and composed by Gizem Berk. The album has a rock label with different rock themes.

The producer of the album is Erkan Tatoğlu and the co-producer is Gizem Berk herself. All songs were arranged by Erkan Tataoğlu and Ferhat Şahin.

During the recordings, keybords were played by Ferhat Şahin, bass guitars were played by Cüneyt Karayalçın, drums were played by Derun Tekelioğlu, guitars were played by Doruk Baykal and cello was played by Erkan Özbek.

The first music video of the album was shot for the song ‘Elimi Bırakma’ and the director of the video was Emir Khalilzadeh. Gizem Berk was accompanied on the video by her stage band; Ferhat Şahin (keyboards), Derun Tekelioğlu (drums), Murat Erk (bass guitar), Orçun Büker (electro guitar).