Gizem Berk was born in Ankara on July 1981 and graduated from TED Ankara Private Collage in 1998.

She had started her music career with the band Ethereal Travel which they had found with her high school classmates and they had released an English rock-metal album in 1998.

She had taken voice lessons for years from Selva Erdener who is a prima singer in Ankara State Opera.

After her graduation from high school, she had moved to Istanbul and started to study at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry. In 2003, while she was at the last grade of the dental school, she had released her first solo album with a pop-alternative label where almost all the songs were written and composed by her.

She had decided to lean on her dental career and she had completed her Master of Science degree about Lasers in Dentistry in RWTH Aachen University, Germany which led to a pause on her musical career.

In 2014, she had decided to record an album with her good friend, producer Erkan Tatoğlu and her second album “Elimi Bırakma” (Don’t Leave My Hand) is just released by ADA Music. All the songs of the album were written and composed by Gizem Berk and she was the co-producer of the album as well.

Besides her music career, Gizem Berk is still practicing Dentistry at their own dental clinic with her mother in Ankara.

She is also giving lectures about Lasers in Dentistry all around the world and she is still an academic co-worker of AALZ (the Aachen Center for Laser Dentistry) in Germany.